As inspired by Matt Comi


Even though I don’t remember this day, I have been told by reliable sources that I entered this world on September 23rd, 1994. This day in 1994 happened to be the first day of Autumn; both the season, and myself. The reason I was given the name Autumn was because I was born on the first day of my namesake season. I was pushed out of the womb at 7:07 pm, and I weighed 7 pounds and 07 ounces. Maybe that’s why my lucky number is 7?


Dance–> cheer–> flowers–> music–> books–> pens–> sharpies–> nail polish.




These are a few of my favorite things.


I started out as a skinny child, I don’t really know when I became chunky. I just remember my father constantly making remarks about my “fat ass”, “thunder thighs”, “chubby face”, or all the other flaws he delighted in pointing out. He would make me run until I had an asthma attack, and restrict my meals. When I entered middle school, I learned to regulate myself so that I could avoid his scrutiny. I felt as if I had control when I learned to regulate myself. I felt as if I had control when I went days without eating. I felt as if I had control when I could make myself purge the calories I had consumed. I felt as if I had control when the rubber band would slap my wrist, reminding me that eating was not O.K..


Mexico–> 2 months–> alone–> no Spanish–> language barriers–> culture shock–> only 12.




My Summer Exile


Here is a picture of me after I moved to college, when I was actually happy.


List of words that describe me:

Kind, intelligent, determined, loyal, busy, leader, recovering, anxious, depressed, compassionate, caffeine lover, nervous, short, animal lover.


I started cheering at a young age. The tumbling, the stunts, the yelling; it all gave me an adrenaline rush.


I wanted to run for President of the Student Government Association of my high school. My competitor felt threatened, so he played dirty. He yelled at me in the hallway of our school, tore down all of my campaign posters, posted slanderous things about me on the internet, and even defaced my car multiple times. However, I won by a landslide (sorry for tooting my own horn).


Favorite Quote: tie between

*”Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back.”

~Eugene O’Neil

*”In the depths of winter, I found there was, within me, an

invisible summer” ~Albert Camus

Favorite Colour:


Favorite Song:

*”Drops of Jupiter” by Train

Favorite Brand:

*Steve Madden

Favorite Book: tie between

*”The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

*”A Separate Peace” by John Knowles


I want to travel the world, and take pictures of all the marvelous places I see.

I am double majoring in Biology and Psychology, with a minor in Spanish, and specializing in Cognitive Neuroscience.


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